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Products/Services    :  organic pro  
Contact Person         :   Biju Satyan
Location                    :  Bangalore,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Looking for regular suppliers of all forms of Organic products in India...   more
Products/Services    :  almond ,raisin   
Contact Person         :  akash sharma
Location                    :  ddll,  Austria
Buyer Requirement  :  i want to buy almond and raising in 50kg quantity for each till december 2015 this year if anyone can provide on time please call me ...   more
Products/Services    :   suger ,rice,moong dal  
Contact Person         :  abhinav kumar
Location                    :  fsfsfsdf,  Bhutan
Buyer Requirement  :  wanted 50 kg moong dal ,suger rice for each with equala quantity...   more
Products/Services    :  Tatj9312JD  
Contact Person         :  Giggles
Location                    :  1VjLU6KNk5V,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  We all know this is a gift to all of us from God.You were chosen and given this gift of showing the beauty of life to all of us.I envy you and wish you the very beNAAM.RItsO...   more
Products/Services    :  xxnD2iyackMZ  
Contact Person         :  Espn
Location                    :  rxRLICU3,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  That's really thikning out of the box. Thanks! http://gnfiyyx.com [url=http://zlqngvyd.com]zlqngvyd[/url] [link=http://laqtyngq.com]laqtyngq[/link]...   more
Products/Services    :  jvde8hMGum  
Contact Person         :  Demarlo
Location                    :  SeAJRpWle,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Your hotnsey is like a beacon http://wknairbhcoh.com [url=http://oeioljro.com]oeioljro[/url] [link=http://uravtaesh.com]uravtaesh[/link]...   more
Products/Services    :  export pistachio  
Contact Person         :  mohammad
Location                    :  sirjan,  Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
Buyer Requirement  :  I would like to introduce our company, Mahtab Derakhshan Kavir commercial company which is one of the most outstanding pistachio company in Iran. We cultivate, produce and export a variety of pistachios and pistachios kernel with different sizes in various packaging. We have been an established and popular company. ...   more
Products/Services    :  Asafoetida   
Contact Person         :  Mandakini Kwatra
Location                    :  New Delhi/NCR,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Looking for buyers/importers of Asafoetida. Product is available from Iran. Please contact for free sample...   more
Products/Services    :  Host Lab Extra Virgin Coconut Oil   
Contact Person         :  +233245003773 || +233279019993
Location                    :  Accra,  Ghana
Buyer Requirement  :  Organically and hygenically virgin coconut oil. Cold pressed method is used for the extraction. Product has been certified and approved by the regulatory authorities of ghana ...   more
Products/Services    :  Afgan safforn  
Contact Person         :  Sanjeev Kesla
Location                    :  Rohtak,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Quantity 20 kg. I want to sell. ...   more
Products/Services    :  American safforn  
Contact Person         :  Sanjeev Kesla
Location                    :  Rohtak,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Qty.10kg. I want to sell...   more
Products/Services    :  FRESH GREEN BANANAS FOR SALE!  
Contact Person         :  Jules Gentle
Location                    :  South West,  Cameroon
Buyer Requirement  :  Dear sir/madam, we are importers/producers of Fresh Green Bananas from Africa we have one of the best qualities of Banana in the world. our prices our very good as well. if interested email us back for more details so that we can establish a long lasting buniess relationship. Thank You General Manager Dr. Gentle Jules Email; gentlejules2018@gmail.com ...   more
Products/Services    :  natural jaggery natural jaggery powder  
Contact Person         :  satish tomar
Location                    :  delhi,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  i want sell natural jaggery natural jaggery powder pkd 1 kg...   more
Products/Services    :  asafoetida hing  
Contact Person         :  9347425997
Location                    :  delhi ,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  I Need Asafoetida mazari, uzbeki in India ...   more
Products/Services    :  Hing  
Contact Person         :  00989151708122.- 00917702910570
Location                    :  pune,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  I have 4000 kg hing from iran...   more
Products/Services    :  Hing  
Contact Person         :  00989151708122.- 00917702910570
Location                    :  pune,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  I have 4000 kg hing from iran...   more
Products/Services    :  Red Kidney Beans.  
Contact Person         :  Kengen Jakor
Location                    :  Arizona,  United States
Buyer Requirement  :  We are looking for a reliable company for the supply of Kidney Beans so contact me for further details....   more
Products/Services    :  Long Grain White Rice  
Contact Person         :  Kengen Jakor
Location                    :  juba,  United States
Buyer Requirement  :  We are interested to buy Long Grain White Rice from your company so contact me for further details....   more
Products/Services    :  Medical alcohol swab  
Contact Person         :  vaibhav sharma
Location                    :  Delhi,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  Required medical swab/swipes...   more
Products/Services    :    
Contact Person         :  ???????? ?? ? ????, ????? ???????? ??????, ? ? ????, ????? ???? ????? ????? ?????. https://helloworld.com?h=e06fcc8456a2dbe0c4b0bffe966ec169&
Location                    :  1ioxah9k3j,  Zimbabwe
Buyer Requirement  :  ???????? ?? ? ????, ????? ???????? ??????, ? ? ????, ????? ???? ????? ????? ?????. https://helloworld.com?h=e06fcc8456a2dbe0c4b0bffe966ec169&...   more
Products/Services    :  Need Organic Dry fruits  
Contact Person         :  Apoorv Sood
Location                    :  Mumbai,  India
Buyer Requirement  :  All good quality organic products. Looking for bulk consistent supplier for Mumbai. We are growing food business.Need your price sheet and prices forCashews (W240), Almonds, Groundnuts with and without Shells and Pistachios. Looking forward to a fast reply. Thanks...   more
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