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Dry fruits Traders in India

We importers-exporter are renowned one in the market for supplying, exporting, wholesaling and manufacturing the organic dry fruits in the market at an affordable rates to satisfy our clients’ needs and want in the market. We are offering you variety of Dry fruits viz. Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Dates, Apricot, Dried Figs, Walnuts, Pistachios, Raisins, Saffrons, Gond, Chironji, Melon seeds, Chilgoza (Pine Nut), Peanuts, and Cantaloupe Seeds in the Indian market to satisfy our both the domestic and foreign customers. We are leading one in the dry fruits domain since 1990 to cater our customers with offering fresh, organic and tasteful dry fruits in the market. We consider both our national and international customers and serves them best with the hygienically certified products that meet your needs and demand.

Why should you pick the importers-exporter to get a dry fruits dealing in India are described below:-

1. Hygienically tested products:
We importers-exporter is offering you hygienic products in the market that ensure you about the freshness, quality and airtight products in the market. We maintain highly the standard parameter that is a contributing factor to make us a leading one in the market for dealing with dry fruits domain in the market.

2. Tetra-packing of the products:
We are offering you the best products on the cover of Tetra-pack that assured you about the hygienic products. Dry fruits should be packed in such a way that maintains the quality and freshness of the products and tetra-pack is one of them to meet your demand and expectations. Our tetra-pack is available in the volume ranges from 250 gm to 5 Kgs in the market to cater our both national and international customers.

3. We have strong network of wholesaling:
We have a strong network for exporting, importing, supplying, wholesaling, manufacturing and packaging of dry fruit product in the market. We have cold storage for 24/7 AC facilities that stored the dry fruits at adaptable temperature and preserve it safely for longer.

4. Choice of selection:
We importers-exporter are offering your choice of selection by providing you so many options in packet ranges and categories of dry fruit products in various tastes and size of packets.

5. Ranked one in the market:
We importers-exporter have ranked one position in the market for supplying, exporting, importing, wholesaling, manufacturing and packaging of dry fruits in Delhi/India at affordable rates to satisfy our clients’ needs and want.

Where we are mentioned below:-

Address: N 33/15, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi- 110001
E-mail: mdskylink@gmail.com
Phone: 9873734364, 011-65654849, 47537343

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