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About Importersexproter

We importers-exporter is a leading one in the market in the sector of online marketing varies from household goods to industrial use items. Our segments in delivering goods and services established a strong network of business that offers you the service and products of all purpose and that is why we are a unique entity in the market to cater our customers. We are in the online market for 10 years to supply and deliver the goods that satisfy your needs and wants for every purpose. We are not just occupied the domestic market, but also in the international market in order to establish a balanced and strong EXIM activities. We have hallmark of purity and quality that maintain a TQM which follow the expert professionals’ views and their process of application

What we are delivering into the market via online as well as Frontline is described below:-

  • Art & Crafts
  • Automobile & Auto parts
  • Apparel & Cosmetics
  • Herbal & Medicinal products
  • Food, Beverages & Agricultural products
  • Jute, Textiles and Leather goods
  • Metals, Minerals and Stationary goods
  • Telecom, Computer appliances, Fabrics and Sports products
  • Household utensils and toys and kids items etc.

Why should you click on our link to get the products and services are jot down below:-

1. Strong Network of warehouse and Wholesale:
We importers-Exporter are well-known for our established entity in every sector at in every location varies from state to district and from national to international in terms of supplying, importing, exporting, delivering and wholesaling of goods and services at affordable rates in a very easy way to satisfy our clients’ needs and wants. We have well-maintained warehouses with all security and preserve locks that keep the products and goods safe for longer.

2. ISO certified dealing:
We are ISO certified one in the market that only caters ISO certified Products a packaging that assure you about our products quality and their freshness in terms of their richness in taste and quality. We specially focus on TQM that is the signature of products safety and quality.

3. Huge masses of Buyers and Suppliers:
We importers, exporter have a strong chain of buyers and suppliers that is our asset in the market. Since we are in the market via online and frontline for many years; we have maintained our clients in such a way by offering them quality products.

Where we are mentioned below:-

Address: N 33/15, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi- 110001
E-mail: mdskylink@gmail.com
Phone: 9873734364, 011-65654849, 47537343